BlindFold: A Brain-Bending Game of Scribbles and Sabotage

The rules of this hilarious party game are simple: using a shared piece of paper, write a word, draw a shape around it, and then manipulate the paper (through folding, unfolding, flipping, and tearing) to ensure that only your words are visible during scoring. Easy, right? Now try it blindfolded! This hilarious game for 2-6 players will challenge memory, spatial reasoning, and your friends’ trustworthiness as an easy-to-learn premise becomes a complex game of strategy and surprise, as well as a chance to giggle at your friends’ and family’s mistakes—until it’s your turn to put the blindfold on! Perfect for fans of Telestrations, Pictionary and Pictomania, and party gamers, casual gamers, families, or anyone looking for a simple party game with lots of opportunities to laugh.

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