Elefountain Water Show

Welcome to the water show! This entertaining battery-operated elephant fountain bath toy with its four accessories will spray a surprising array of water effects, spin a colorful ball, and turn bath time into the circus we all know it really is!

  • Submerge the base of the adorable elephant and attach it to the bottom of the tub with its suction cups.

  • Activate the fountain by flipping the tail upwards and let the show begin!

  • Show your child how to put a finger in the nozzle and spray the water in surprising directions.

  • Easily add the three interchangeable accessories to create different water effects – the twistable trunk will make a shower, the spinning umbrella will turn and spray, and the trumpet will flow water in three streams from its opening.

  • Place the ball on top of the sprinkling trumpet and watch how the water makes it spin.

  • When the show is over, put the accessories in the hanging storage basket to dry.

  • Don’t worry, parents, we thought of you, too! It includes a special key that opens and closes the battery cover.

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