Pretendables Cinnamon Roll Set

Pop open the canister and pull out the four plush cinnamon rolls - they can actually be unrolled and rolled back up! Place them on the tray, bake them in the oven, use the piping bag to add the icing, and then spread it out perfectly with the child-safe knife. You can practically smell the oven-fresh joy! Made with high-quality materials and featuring an "oven" that's also a storage crate, the Pretendables Cinnamon Roll Set is as lovely as a sunny weekend morning.

Pretendables Cinnamon Roll Set
Cinnamon roll pretend-play set in a storage crate that's also an "oven"
Encourages imaginative play, role play, cooperative play, creativity
Cinnamon rolls are made of plush - Can be unrolled and rolled back up
Rolls fit into canister with lid - or into the slots of the baking tray
Features child-sized oven mitt
Toy piping bag made of squishy foam
Includes 4 plush cinnamon rolls, baking tray, cinnamon roll canister with lid, toy piping bag, spreading knife, oven mitt, oven/storage crate
High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability
Ages 3+

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